Facebook unveiled a camera app for the iPhone Thursday, a much more muted affair than its recent massive IPO ensconced in controversy. The Facebook Camera app is designed to tie users' friends together with a feed of photos over their social network. Users can put a checkmark on each photo they want to share before posting, allowing them to share multiple photos in one fell swoop, rather than having to post them individually.  The app also comes with standard photo editing tools like filters, rotation and crop. Facebook's app is by no means revolutionary and it's rather late to the game in embracing photos, but it has the obvious advantage in its ability to allow users to share their digital darlings with their friends. It's unclear how this app will dovetail into Facebook's recent announcement to acquire Instagram in a $1 billion deal. Facebook says it plans to grown and run Instagram independently.

Facebook IPO, Not a Pretty Picture

In the backdrop of today's app launch, Facebook is still having to contend with an angry mob of investors over its disappointing IPO. A class action lawsuit has been filed in federal court against Facebook, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the company's investment bankers. The plaintiffs allege the parties violated securities laws in their handling of the IPO, according to a Reuters report. Another group of investors is also suing Nasdaq over the technical snafus that arose when Facebook shares began trading, the report notes. Related Links: