Ahh.... Facebook. Welcome to the IPO, and welcome to the roller coaster. Facebook's stock could be going anywhere (It was trading below $33 this morning, $5 off its listing price). One thing's for sure: It's going to be a wild and noisy ride. Some software engineers who went through the last boom -- me included -- may be experiencing a sense of deja vu. The hype and the tension and the news stories and the sheer noise surrounding Facebook's IPO is all reminiscent of working in Silicon Valley circa 1999, and of the booms before that. So what should software engineers learn? First of all, if you're newly paper rich, congratulations. Second, and much more important, almost nothing of the hype changes your day-to-day job. There's still software to be developed, features to be created, customers to be supported, and bugs to be fixed. Today is like yesterday, only louder and with a finance department submitting public filings. Whether you work for Facebook or someone else, enjoy the hype. Just don't forget the software under all the news. That's where our future lies.