Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's photo reporting system has a loophole that has given curious/creepy users access to the private photos of just about anyone. As detailed by a member of Bodybuilding.com (the forum thread seems to have been deleted, but not before I took a screenshot), the system can be tricked into showing a user's private photos that are otherwise not visible to the public. The process is initiated by reporting a person's profile photo as "nudity or pornography." Assuming it's a genuine report, the system will allow you to "Help us take action by selecting additional photos to include with your report," and as you'd have thought, Facebook will spread out a select few photos from the victim's album for your kind perusal, even if they're set as private. The most prominent victim so far: Facebook's founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. His private photos have been uploaded elsewhere for everyone to see. Lookie Lous can forget any plans for snooping, though: the flaw has been reportedly fixed at the time of writing. Photo credit: Andrew Mager