Main image of article Facebook Reports Relationship Trends
Facebook has been sifting through its mountains of data and come up with a revealing report of relationship trends in the U.S. By using the data provided by its users voluntarily whenever they start or end a relationship, Facebook found that the summer months have the most break-ups and divorces. Chart On the flip side, there are 49-percent more new relationships than break-ups on Valentine's Day. The day after Valentine's Day sees 22-percent more new relationships. The next best occasion for new relationships is Christmas Day (34-percent more) and the eve of it (28-percent more). On a smaller scale, it turns out that most people start their new relationships on Mondays, save for the younger crowd aged 25 and below. You can check out the rest of the report on Facebook Data Team's note, on Facebook. It seems they have not reported on the how Facebook itself can, and has, caused countless break-ups.