Over at TechRepublic, writer Jason Hiner has zeroed in on the five tech trends that should be on your radar this year. And they are:

WAN Acceleration

What matters more than productivity? As Hiner explains:

By caching big files and often-used documents, WAN acceleration appliances and software can save big money on bandwidth costs and give your branch offices and remote workers far better performance on their business applications. All of this makes WAN acceleration one of the hottest projects in IT right now, because it can offer fast ROI and immediate productivity benefits.

Desktop Virtualization

It's long been one of our favorite buzzwords. Hiner wonders:

In 2010, it¿s going to interesting to see if this trend gains momentum and becomes more mainstream, or if it¿s simply relegated to a few niche scenarios and industries.

The Consumerization of IT

Just recently we talked about the trend of employers allowing - or requiring - their employees to use their own personal computers as their work systems. Hiner says:

What you¿ll need is a policy that gives employees guidance on how and when these types of tools can and can¿t be used, and why.

Hiner rounds off his list with e-readers of all types and mobile computing platforms such as iPhone, BlackBerry, and Google Android. Correct. Learning about all the new platforms on which we'll be getting our information is an IT imperative.

-- Don Willmott