Since the beginning of the recession, most IT professionals have been asked to do more work for less money. But the savvy ones aren’t grousing, because they’ve seized the opportunity to take on new projects and acquire new skills, says Computerworld. OverwhelmedThat doesn’t mean people are satisfied with their lot in life or have abandoned their dreams. It means they’re smart enough to wait out the bad economy and reposition their careers while their company “repositions” its workforce. So what can we learn from these strategic schemers? Adopt a Long View View your career as a marathon, not a sprint. Plan to market your new skills and score a higher salary once the economy turns around. Love Technology Overburdened? Don't complain. You still have a job and hopefully you love what you do. Eighty three percent of those surveyed by Computerword say they’re still happy they chose a career in IT, even though they’re earning less. Use Adversity to Reposition Your Career A whopping 40 percent expect to be promoted within five years because of their additional experience. That seems a bit optimistic, but grousers don’t stand a chance of being promoted. So why not make the best of a bad situation and plot your next move instead of complaining? It may not help with your frustration today, but it'll put you in a good position to take advantage of the recovery.