Free EducationIf you think money is holding you back from getting a good education, think again. A couple of years ago MIT opened classes to the public. In an age where there's lots of free useless information, the announcement was met with a big sigh, except from parents who were paying for kids' tuition.

What You Get

Full access to lectures, homework assignments, quizzes and tests on a breadth of courses inside and outside IT including Java, C#, and management, taught in real time over a semester. You can pace yourself along with the class or take it at your own. 

What You Don't Get

A grade, individualized instruction, the books, or your parents breathing down your neck to pass. You also don't have deadlines, so you're left on your own.

Considering that the average cost of one year of college is 50K, this is a sweet deal.

Visit here for details.

-- Dino Londis