[youtube=] . "I want a mobile recruiting app that allows passive job seekers to still be passive," says Jim Stroud (@jimstroud), Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy for Bernard Hodes Group. Stroud trains people on how to use social media to recruit people. As we move into the last month of 2012, we asked Stroud what he would like to see for the future of mobile recruiting. Stroud wants a job seeker app that not only reads your online social profiles, but also tracks what you write in technical forums. The app would look at users' online activity and see what they're interested in at that moment, based on what they're posting. It would then send each user alerts that say, “You wrote about subject X, here’s a job involving subject X that might interest you.” If interested, the app would let each user know how many people in their various networks can connect them to the company. There are tools that send job alerts, but they don’t do it in real time. They’re not proactive in that they don’t read what you write and make a recommendation of a job based on that content. If you’re an app developer, pay attention. This is a solution that’s sorely needed and it’s far from outrageous. If someone is writing about something in a technical forum, then it means it’s top of mind with them and they’re likely passionate about that subject. It’s also means they would probably be very receptive to a job opportunity that encompassed their passion. .