Here's your chance to thumb your nose at all those people who've told you that playing video games - for hours - won't get you anywhere. It turns out, it may help you pay for college. Online gaming broadcast network TwitchTV and Dell's Alienware have teamed to award a total of $50,000 in scholarships to enthusiastic, yet academic students. Five scholarships worth $10,000 each will be awarded to students who demonstrate their gaming prowess via evidence of their in-game ranking, tournament history and prizes awarded, as well as an essay on what games mean to them, a video of why they deserve the scholarship and, of course, a copy of their current grade point average. The contest is a chance to "take passion and make it a profession," says Matthew DiPietro, TwitchTV's vice president of marketing in Mashable. "We are giving a people an opportunity to make a living off of their video game streaming activity." Applications will be accepted through July 15, with the winners announced Aug. 15. Interested folks should apply here.

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