Groupon, Activision Blizzard, AT&T and Safeway are each looking to hire more than 100 folks, and will be trolling during a job fair timed to coincide with Google I/O. Organizers say more than a thousand jobs are being touted during the event. The free event will be held in the Moscone Center South, 747 Howard St., San Francisco. (Dice is a sponsor of the event, the Tech Career Expo.)

Who's Looking for What?

AT&T, for example, posted a number of positions in this past month  looking to hire:
  • Big Data Architect
  • Senior Technical Architect - SAP MDM
  • Principal Architect
  • Director of Technology and Strategy
Activision Blizzard, based on its posting this month, is looking to land:
  • Java Developer
  • Global Information Security Engineer
  • Senior Salesforce developer
  • TIBCO Developer
Safeway, earlier this week, posted a large swath of jobs:
  • Senior Mid-Range Database Administrator
  • Senior Network Design Engineer
  • Weblogic Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer - Social Media Analyst
And Groupon has 63 positions for engineers and 10 for project managers, says its site. Getting Noticed Among A Sea of Bodies The event is expected to draw 2,000 attendees, who are looking to get in front of more than 45 companies. Mary Loeffler, SPHR vice president with PulsePoint's human resources department, posted this advice on the event's site:
Do Pre-Expo homework. Research the companies and make a top ten list of those you want to visit.  Researching the companies may sound obvious, but having that head start and focusing on the companies whose roles and technologies truly appeal to you first, will provide a roadmap and ensure that you accomplish your objectives.  Researching and understanding the businesses beforehand will also help you have knowledgeable conversations and make memorable impressions on the company representatives. Keep it simple. Don’t bring a 6-page resume listing every technology and language you know.  List the technologies which you have the most experience.  Bring a resume that is no more than 2 pages and if a company on your resume is not well-known, add 1 – 2 sentences describing the company and technology. Engage the decision maker.  Some companies will have the hiring manager at the Career Expo, try to meet with him/her and discuss the role and your accomplishments.  Remember to get business cards! Follow up after the Career Expo.  If you made good connections with the representatives, send follow-up emails reiterating a specific fact from your conversation.  This will show that you weren’t just a face in the crowd.
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