Here's some apps Mobile Development host Rob Reilly found in Google Play that can make your network analysis easier. I wanted to share them, too.
  • First, WiFi Analyzer. It graphically displays WiFi routers and the relative signal strength of each one. Are you and the guy next door on the same channel? Now you'll know, and can move to a clear part of the spectrum. WiFi analyzer [Farproc]
  • Next: Network Info II. It queries local WiFi and cellular networks and identifies your cell operator, your phone number, and network type. It also gives you the external IP of your router. Network Info II [Alt236 Development]
  • If you need a fast, bare-bones scanner, try Smart WiFi Scanner. It lists each router, its operating channel, signal strength, and type of security. Click on each to get your connection status, speed, and IP address. Definitely no frills. Smart WiFi Scanner [Fihox]
  • Overlook Fing is a great program for identifying machines on your network. It can identify the type of WiFi card or chip in each, its IP, and will scan for network services, like HTTP and S-S-H. Overlook Fing [Overlook]
  • Finally, there's Speedtest. It's a simple app that tests upload and download speeds over your WiFi and 3G networks. Pick your network connectivity, start it up, and it calculates the throughput. Speedtest [Xtreme Labs]