It's only five hours into the Chartboost Hackathon, so participants' are still looking pretty lively. Check back with Dice in another 25 hours. Ten teams of hackers, comprised of roughly 40 people, are competing in this hackathon to develop a quick and dirty, yet highly cool, mobile game. The hackathon runs until Sunday at 7 p.m. Here's a quick introduction of some of the teams and the games they're developing: Belly Up to the Bar This social bartending game aims to allow friends to place drink orders with each other and create awesome virtual liquid wonders, using such tools as a shaker. Imagine, all the fun and no D.U.I. [caption id="attachment_46951" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] (L-R) Angelo Hizon, William Ogle, Phil Wee and Angie Chang[/caption] Chang, editor of women's entrepreneur magazine Women 2.0, is apparently up for the task. She's previously worked as a Web producer and designer, as well as a product manager at a start up. Ogle, a designer and architect, has previously competed in a hackathon and is joined by Hizon and Wee, two gents who graced this site in a previous hackathon post on Dice. Fight, Fight! Ninjas v. Dragons Ok, maybe it should be called cuties v. non-cuties. The preliminary dragon drawings are pretty cute in this multi-player mobile action game. Take a peek for yourself.
(L-R) Kimberly Hsiao in background and Andy Jiang in foreground
Hsiao and Jiang work together at a mobile start-up aimed at consumers and are joined with two other team members, Elliot Lee, who works at a mobile apps start-up, and Eran Davidov. A Picture Says 1,000 Words - Literally This social mobile game aims to do just that. The game, titled "1,000 Words," wants to present pictures to users and their friends that have a single word tied to each image. The object of the game is for users to give their perspective of what each image represents, based on the word and visual prompt. [caption id="attachment_46959" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] (L-R) Jonathan Munz, software developer, Shalin Mantri, product manager, WaiyipTung, software developer and Owen Martin, data scientist.[/caption] All four of these wordsmiths work at Kontagent, a social analytics and users analytics platform company. While this team is in the early, early...and early stages of developing their game, they may shoot us over a screen shot come 3 a.m. PST if we're lucky. If not, check back tomorrow evening for an update of the winners. Related Links