Computerworld is reporting the results of a new Intermedia survey that finds the number of high-tech workers planning to spend some of their holiday vacation time at work has dropped by half since 2006. But that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be leaving work behind. Three years ago, a similar study found that 84 percent of high-tech workers would travel to the office over the holidays. This year that number drops to just 42 percent. However, a majority said they would work remotely. In fact, 82 percent of managers said they'd check in, while 75 percent of the rank-and-file would stay on top of things. "The survey results reflect a more mobile workforce. Higher numbers of managers are using smartphones and Outlook Web Access, so there's less need for them to be tethered to the office during the holidays," said an Intemedia rep. Amusingly, 89 percent of survey respondents said they won't pretend to work to avoid relatives. Of course not! All of this may seem somewhat counterintuitive at a time when worried workers would seemingly be willing to do anything to look busy, loyal and productive. Perhaps the real news is that looking busy, loyal and productive doesn't necessarily mean putting in face time with the boss. As the workforce gets more mobile, real results - sent via e-mail or the VPN - are more important than old-fashioned sucking up. -- Don Willmott