Big news for coders all around the world: the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) says that HTML5 will reach recommendation status by 2014. This means that by the end of 2014, the HTML5 standard should be finished, and by 2016 we should meet the HTML 5.1 standard. It appears that the HTML Working Group will release an HTML 5.0 Candidate Recommendation. This will act like a draft HTML5 version and will provide details about features that are stable and implemented in browsers. At the same time, the draft version of HTML 5.1 will be developed and will act like "a superset of the stable HTML 5.0 but with the 'unstable' features included instead of omitted, and also with any new proposed features included." HTML5 standardization is the next big thing for developers as it will integrate new technologies and improve the existing ones. Right now, the HTML working group appears to work quite quickly, because HTML5 was initially scheduled to arrive in 2022. There are 600 bugs and 28 issues fixed already, which means that the standard is not that buggy. Now let's hope HTML5 will arrive on time and revolutionize the way we interact with Web browsers. Related Links