American automakers are desperate – we mean desperate – for engineers... Intel’s looking for software developers... and Austin wants Paypal to come to town. All on this week's Update. GM, Ford and Chrysler need thousands – yes, thousands – of engineers. They’re short because they had to lay off a lot of them over the last ten years. This is called a business cycle. If you know anything about electric vehicles – they really want you. They’re working with colleges to train and retrain engineers to develop electric and hybrid cars. But they’re also recruiting from other industries. GM expects to add at least 1,000 engineers this year. Chrysler wants 1,000, too -- about 60 percent direct hires, and 40 percent contractors. Another company that’s hiring is Intel -- at least in Oregon and Arizona. It’s building new factories there, but it also wants to expand into mobile operating systems, so it’s hiring software developers to make that happen. The company’s said it will add 4,000 U.S. jobs this year. Austin and the State of Texas want eBay and Paypal to come on down. They’re are trying to entice the company with $4 million in grants and tax breaks that would be applied over ten years. At stake are 1,000 new jobs, mainly for software developers. PayPal’s in Austin, with 250 employees.