Main image of article Intel Shakeup Focused on Mobile Development
Intel SignIntel announced this week that it's finally getting serious about mobile devices—really this time—and it's creating the Mobile and Communications Group from four internal units. The four—Mobile Communications, Mobile Wireless Group, Netbook and Tablet Group, and the Ultra Mobility Group—cover baseband communications, WLAN components, netbooks, tablets, and phones. Mike Bell and Hermann Eul will lead the new group. Bell worked on the original iPhone and came to Intel from Palm in 2010, according to Business Insider. Eul came to Intel in  its recent acquisition of Infineon Technologies' wireless-solutions business. Intel says that combining the four groups is expected to eliminate duplication of efforts and to allow teams to share intellectual property more efficiently. Despite its dominance in PC and server markets, it still doesn't have a handle on mobility. Fortune writer Michal Lev-Ram says that what Intel really needs is a a power-efficient processor that can compete with ARM chips. Phones with Intel chips are expected to hit the market in the first half of next year. Though it announced an alliance with Google last year on Android smartphones, the manufacturers involved in that alliance have not been announced, nor how many Intel-running phones will hit the market in 2012.