Main image of article Is 'Data Scientist' the Best Job in America?
What are the best jobs in America? According to a new study by Glassdoor, a number of those jobs are technology-related. Data scientists topped the Website’s list, with a median base salary of $116,840 per year, along with a high job score. Other tech jobs that made the list’s Top 15 included solutions architect ($119,500 per year), mobile developer ($90,000 per year), software engineer ($95,000 per year), analytics manager ($105,000 per year), and software development manager ($135,000 per year). Glassdoor calculated its job scores based on three factors: earnings potential (median annual base salary), number of available job openings, and the Website’s proprietary career-opportunities rating. UX designer ($91,800) and software architect ($130,000) placed eighteenth and twenty-fifth, respectively, on the list. It’s no surprise that data scientist jobs would rate so highly. For the past several years, businesses have wrestled with storing and analyzing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data—and the size of those databases is only increasing. From massive enterprises such as Netflix and Google down to startups attempting to launch the next great mobile app, companies of all types need people who can transform mountains of raw data into actionable insights. Despite the rise of sophisticated data-analytics platforms with easy-to-use dashboards, experienced data scientists are still a necessity for many organizations, as their training allows them to accurately measure the company’s data against complex requirements. But which industries are hiring the most Big Data expertise? According to an October analysis by Wanted Analytics, professional, scientific, and technical services had the most open positions for data scientists, followed by information-related businesses, manufacturing, and finance and insurance. For those who want to break into the Big Data field, a Master’s degree or PhD in data science, machine learning, or even statistics can prove useful. Those professionals who already specialize in another technology segment, but want to sweeten up their skill-set by learning more about data analytics, should consider attending a data-science boot camp.