Main image of article Still Hungry For A Job? You Might Try China
If you've been unemployed for longer than you care to count, a job in China may just be the ticket.  In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, Jonathan Levin describes his path from being an overeducated twenty-something, with degrees from NYU and Columbia, working a dead end job to happily employed expatriate in Beijing teaching American culture and English at Tsinghua University. On the opportunity in abundance, Levin writes:
China wants you. Job prospects are abundant. The effects of the Great Recession of 2008 may be felt in the United States for years, but they barely scratched China. Demand for native English speakers is white-hot.
It's not all milk and honey though, as even Levin points out.  While the people are warm, generous, and welcoming, it's still not a Western style democracy, and there is the problem with pollution.  All in all though, Levin sounds like it's a fair trade in his eyes. So if you are looking for bold new horizons and a chance to taste the culture of China, this may be your moment.  And who knows, maybe you'll get a future novel out of it.