Main image of article Meet BlackBerry's $2,360 Tablet
BlackBerry is getting back into the tablet game with a $2,360 device that— Wait, what? That price wasn’t a typo: Even as the tablet market stagnates, and brands rush to price smartphones and tablets as low as possible, BlackBerry has decided to go ultra-ultra-ultra premium with its latest device. Why? Because the so-called SecuTablet is (supposedly) secure enough for a broad range of government and enterprise work. In terms of hardware, the SecuTablet is a modified Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, which ordinarily retails for roughly $500 from a retailer like Best Buy. It comes with a microSD card from Secusmart, a mobile-security firm that BlackBerry acquired in 2014, along with software from IBM that supposedly partitions sensitive data into a secure container. In theory, that partition will allow tablet users to run their personal apps alongside the secure ones without the possibility of leakage. At that price, it’s unlikely that consumers will turn out in droves for the tablet, but won’t likely bother BlackBerry, which has recast itself as an enterprise-first company. Even so, if it wants the SecuTablet to sell, it better have some deep-pocketed (and BlackBerry loyal) clients lined up.

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Image: BlackBerry/Samsung