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Kim DotcomMegaupload founder Kim Dotcom has been released on bail, slightly more than a month after he was arrested in his $30 million rented mansion in New Zealand. Dotcom was initially denied bail when the court determined that he had sufficient resources to flee the country. The ruling was overturned on Wednesday, when North Shore District Court Judge Nevin Dawson ruled that Dotcom no longer possesses the resources required to flee, after his assets had been seized. While Dotcom is no longer behind bars, he's anything but free. As part of the bail conditions, the Megaupload founder is not allowed back into his mansion. He's required to live in a small house near the mansion and not go farther than 80 km. For surveillance purposes, he's required to wear an electronic tag. The matter is made worse by another condition: Dotcom is barred from using the Internet. Even if he's interested in regaining the top spot in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a title he lost after he was put behind bars earlier this year, it wouldn't be possible without Internet access. That is, if he still has the time and mood to game. Kim Dotcom is relieved to be back with his family nevertheless. "I'm relieved to go home and see my three little kids and my pregnant wife," he said. Photo: via The Guardian's video footage