Main image of article Meshin Manages All Communications on Your Android


Meshin is a smart service that analyzes your communications from our smart friends at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). This Android-only app optimizes your communications in two ways: It organized all your communications streams by individual:Instead of bouncing in and out of multiple communications applications (e.g., Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, phone, SMS), they’re all unified by specific individual. You can see your activity stream with that person across all communications. It determines a VIP communications list: If you’re getting hammered with messages and only want to get to the important stuff, Meshin looks at the frequency and response of communications to automatically determine the top 20 percent most important messages. You can also manually add people whom you always want to see messages from -- like your boss and family members. Watch my demo with Ned Hayes, Product Manager at Meshin. The app is available now in beta.