Dice News Update: Microsoft wants developers... Chip makers want engineers... China wants more PCs than we do... And now you can get a free app with your caffeine. All on this week's Update. A couple of notes from Silicon Valley: Analog chip makers are looking for analog engineers. There’s growing demand for chips that combine analog and digital design. The challenge lies in the fact that creating analog chips requires a lot of training, and a long learning curve. Meantime, even while it moves into a new Menlo Park campus, Facebook is already making plans for a second one. The company currently employs 1,500 people in the area. But in five years it will need space for more than 9,000 employees. Microsoft Wants WebOS Developers: After HP said its plans for WebOS went up in the air, Microsoft sent out a message seeking WebOS developers for Windows Mobile. The company’s senior director of Windows Phone 7 development, Brandon Watson, tweeted the company will provide what they developers "needto be successful on #WindowsPhone,” including free phones, development tools and training. TechFlash says he got more than 500 responses in less than 24 hours. China is now the largest market for PCs. Shipments there rose 14 percent -- to 18.5 million units -- during the second quarter. That’s the first time they've surpassed shipments here in the U.S., where they fell 4.8 percent to 17.7 million. Next year will be the first full year where China bests the U.S. While HP is getting out of the PC business, China’s Lenovo Group doubled its quarterly profit. China accounted for 22 percent of the global PC market in shipments, 1 point more than the U.S. It will end with more than 72 million shipments for the year. Starbucks and Apple have begun offering iOS apps you usually pay for -- for free. It’s what Starbucks calls its “Pick of the Week” promotion, similar to the free song downloads it’s been offering since 2008. It works like this: The next time you get your caffeine fix – or your sugar fix for that matter, if you like the Rice Crispy Trreats -- look at the cash register for the “Pick of the Week” card. On the back’s a code to redeem the app in the App Store. Simple. As long as your fingers aren’t shaking from the caffeine. Or the sugar. The first app was Shazam Encore, a music identification app that will normally set you back $5.99. Photo: