Google's outrageous Glass Project video is a must see. There's two big take-aways and mobile developers will definitely want to consider these points as they try to plot a career course into the future - the near future. First point: mobile electronic devices are shrinking by the minute. Take the Google Glass headset, for example, which was introduced at Google I/O. It houses a camera, a heads-up display, a processor and some kind of radio link. And all of this fits into a package that's about the weight and size of a regular pair of sunglasses. Expensive? Uh-huh. Try $1500 a pair, but the price will eventually drop. This miniaturization will heavily influence mobile developers, since it's only a matter of time before this technology is cheap enough to creep into everyday devices. Not only will we have sub-miniature highly-capable devices in our glasses, but the magic will start turning up in a lot of new places from new applications to the yet unknown. How long will it take is the big question. Take Away No. 2 Second point:  Google just raised the bar on product demos. Brin apparently ran on stage during one of the keynotes, in a move to dramatically call attention to his demo. No doubt the stunt was precisely timed and the show coordinators were in on it. Developers may find they have to turn up the razzle dazzle on their demos when presenting their fab ideas to Google. Competition is heating up in mobile development. Consumer demand will force everybody into creative, off-beat approaches to building, programming and promoting the rapidly shrinking world of mobile devices. Where will you be in five years? Two years? Six months from now?

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