Chart Gartner May 2012Worldwide sales of mobile phones are dropping, and even though the decline is slight -- about 2 percent -- it seems the smartphone sector isn't feeling particularly well. This was the first sales decline since 2009. Analysts from Gartner think it may be due to a slowdown in demand in the Asia/Pacific region, which ironically could be driven by the lack of new devices. For those of you keeping track, Samsung is the largest of the smartphone manufacturers, with 20.7 percent of the market. Nokia follows with 19.8 percent, then Apple with 7.9 percent. During the first quarter, Samsung's sales rose 25.9 percent. It displaced Nokia, which had been the company to beat since 1998. But the Finland-based company suffered a 22.7 percent plunge in sales from the first quarter of 2011.

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Image: Mac Observer