Main image of article New App Helps You Determine Your Cultural Fit calls itself "a revolutionary new self-discovery engine and social network" for people who want to be happier at work and find more meaning in their career. Its app—available for iOS—works by presenting quick quizzes that help you "get to the core of who you really are." (Click on the app below to try it out.)
It's not all about self-enlightenment, though. The company believes that by measuring different traits of your personality it can help match you to a company where you'll be a better, happier and more productive fit. It does this by assessing 17 aspects of your personality and 48 traits on the way to giving you a more detailed view of yourself than you'd get from a personality test like, say, the traditional Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Click here to find iOS developer jobs. To use one of the company's examples, it's easy to say a person's innovative, but trying to match them with the wrong kind of innovation can be a setup for huge disappointment. (Its unfortunate example: "Try forcing Richard Dawkins to design tutus and see how happy he is!") The company has developed a group of 16 personal archetypes including "advocate," "go-getter," "mastermind" and "technician," and eight organizational archetypes including "commando unit," "frontier settlers" and "nuclear family."
By taking quizzes, you generate a "fit score" that gives you an idea of how you'd do inside the culture of one of the 5,000 companies the app profiles. Under development are a product for teams and a set of tools for employers. The app also connects to a social network so you can share insights about yourself with your friends and colleagues. (I'm empathetic, fair and reliable, by the way.)

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The app is free to job seekers, and the company's looking for ways to monetize it through tools and services to employers.

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