Nokia, Windows Nokia may soon join Motorola and Samsung as a tablet maker next June, Paul Amsellem, the head of Nokia France, told French newspaper Les Echos. But unlike the others, who have invested heavily in Android, Nokia will go out of the gate with Microsoft's Windows 8. Earlier this year, the Finnish handset manufacturer said it would replace its under-performing Symbian smartphone platform with Windows Phone 7. By using Windows 8 as the OS of its first tablet (the N800 and its siblings are too small to be considered as a tablet by today's standard), Nokia is reaffirming its commitment to Microsoft, a company Nokia CEO Stephen Elop once worked for. Since the strategic alliance with Microsoft, Nokia had released two Windows Phone 7 devices, the Lumia 710 and 800. Amsellem compares the Lumia 800 to BMW's 5 series, and says the company will soon complete "3 Series" and "7 Series" devices, in other words both lower and higher-end Windows Phone 7 devices. Nokia didn't confirm Amsellem's claims. Photo: George Ruiz