People want to discuss H-1Bs, and why not? Whether you believe they're the only solution to a real lack of tech skill here in the U.S., or you're sure businesses want more issued because they lead to lower labor costs, you've probably got an opinion. So, here's a place to discuss the issue, by posting comments below. It's an emotional subject for many people, so here are some ground rules:
  • First, read and respect our terms of service. Read them here.
  • For more specifics on how they apply to discussions here on the blog, read my column here.
  • Follow this bottom line: Be respectful, be courteous. People have asked for a true and honest debate. Comments that are insulting, racist or anything like that have no place in a real give-and-take. I'll delete them.
  • Finally, I will ban anyone who consistently violates these ground rules.
So now, let's talk. With any luck we'll all learn something, no matter which side of the issue we're on.