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Dice_OpenWebLogoOpen Web is Dice's new supercharged tech recruiting tool that aggregates social profile information from 50 social sites for millions of tech professionals across the web. The launch hit newsstands in late January - see what leading tech media outlets have to say about this new development from Dice.
PassionateAboutPassivesThe Houston Chronicle – Jan 31, 2013 Passionate About Passives . OWSpawnsInfoWorld – Jan 30, 2013 Dice's Open Web spawns dossiers about IT pros social networking data . – Jan 30, 2013 Dice Open Web . RollsOutThe Des Moines Register – Jan 30, 2013 Dice Holdings Rolls Out Social Site Recruiting Tool . TrollPC Magazine – Jan 30, 2013 Dice Will Troll the Social Media Profiles of Prospective Employees . SecretsCrain's New York Business – Jan 30, 2013 Dice gives recruiters your social media secrets . – Jan 29, 2013 Dice Unveils a New IT Profiling Tool . Visit our Media Center to read more about Dice's new Open Web search tool in the news. .