Beat the '10-Second Rule' Custom-tailor your Headline and Summary of Qualifications to impress each employer.

Resume Keywords: A Primer If you want to advance from anonymous job applicant to interview candidate, your resume simply must include the right keywords. That's a fact of life today, no matter which company you apply to.

Stats Make the Resume Sure, you can claim to be a hot big league pitcher, armed with a deceptive curve ball and blistering fast ball. But besides an endorsement contract or two, you need solid numbers in the earned run average, strikeout and home run columns - plus a playoff or World Series appearance or three - to back it up.

Fundamentals of the Functional Resume For candidates with non-traditional backgrounds, or those who are changing careers, the Functional Resume Format is often the best option.

Do You Know Your Resume's Hidden Surprises? If a manager searches the Web about that hobby of yours, do you know what he'll find? Are you sure?

-- Mark Feffer