Lightning EggAre those of us who work in technology really creatives? While we're still stereotyped as "math nerds," the truth is our industry is filled with artists and possibly offers more creative outlets than most other fields. For the doubting Thomases out there, here are a few ways we all tap into our inner Picasso.

We Open the Doors First

Unlike people in most industries, we continuously reinvent, creating a domino effect across multiple platforms. In order to accomplish our fast-forward innovation we, at nearly all levels of responsibility, have to expect the unexpected and be open to possibilities earlier thought impossible.

We Spend Countless Hours in Undiscovered Countries

Given the fact that projects often involve emerging technologies and the subsequent response to their use, many of the problems we encounter are unique and/or never encountered before.

We Reward Creative Thinkers

The rewarding of innovators has been a huge factor in the evolution of high-tech, especially over the past two decades. For those who wish to flex their creative muscles, success translates into career advancement and a myriad of professional opportunities.

We Are Not Mired in Dogma

Throughout history, open-mindedness has been a signature of cultural and technological advancement. To be able to innovate at our current pace, we thumb our noses at convention, delight in our disruptive natures and have no small amount of pride in bending and breaking rules.

We Are the Medium as Well as the Message

Not only do we invent new capabilities on a regular basis, we manage technology that is now the medium for delivering all communication. In other words, we control the collaborative frameworks that  drive innovation while disseminating almost all of today's knowledge. There's no better place for creative thinkers to hang out.