Why not aim your career at job categories so new that they haven't even been clearly defined yet? GigaOM says what's hotter than hot are jobs that "apply measurement and analysis to everything." In other words, "Data is the new black." Many of the positions it describes are data-oriented, focusing on turning consumer-driven Web traffic into cash. A "content monetization manager" will
... make use of all of the content monetization tools available, the underlying usage analytics, and the content management system, and will constantly A/B test monetization strategies and page layouts to maximize revenue, while preserving the user experience.
A Webmaster 2.0 will do something similar, fine-tuning a site to generate better leads and attract business. Then there's the "amplification manager," who takes social media connections and leverages them to make more connections and customers. Also in demand: game mechanics designers and employee mechanics designers, people who try to translate the fun and motivation of game play into business scenarios that will inspire employees to become more productive. Metrics manager? Crowd manager? Crowd worker? Data-driven life coach or personal trainer 2.0? The possibilities in a world increasingly awash in numbers seem limitless. -- Don Willmott