Microsoft's Bing surpassed Yahoo in the U.S. core search engine market within a few days of its release, according to one report published in eWeek. But the biggest question is whether Microsoft can maintain its momentum and really threaten Google, which continues to maintain a comfortable double-digit lead in the U.S. core search-engine market. Dice polled its users last week, asking if they think Bing will take market share away from Google. An overwhelming majority of the 801 respondents clearly didn't think so:

  • 71 percent say Google is too far ahead to beat.
  • 27 percent believe Microsoft still is a contender.

Among the 2 percent who offered comments, one user says it doesn't matter since all search engines basically are the same. Another says Microsoft can compete very well: "Competing with Google will be a difficult but attainable goal." Click here to participate in this week's Dice poll.