Main image of article Reseller Jobs Hint at Stronger Efforts by Google

Google is adding a handful of positions – four to be exact – to its cloud reseller team. That’s seen as a good sign for companies partnering with the big G in marketing Google App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage and Big Query products. While four positions at a company that already is home to 46,000 may seem teensy, the impact on resellers could result in partner hiring as the new Googlers make their mark. The four positions listed on the Google Platform Blog include a partner marketing manager, to be based in Seattle, San Francisco or at the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif.; a cloud reseller ecosystem manager in Mountain View; a cloud partner training and enablement manager in Mountain View; and a cloud partner business manager, also at the Googleplex. The group is also seeking an Americas regional marketing manager in Seattle or Mountain View, a JAPAC regional marketing manager in Singapore, sales managers in New York and Mountain View and venture capital and incubator sales managers in London and Mountain View. Google says these jobs are a big deal. For example, the reseller marketing manager description puts the work in near-heroic terms.

As a Cloud Platform Partner Marketing Manager you will craft and execute campaigns to increase awareness and adoption of Google’s application platform products for developers and IT professionals including Google App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Big Query, and more with partners. You will have the opportunity to be part of building new products in exciting markets and usher in a new era of cloud computing.

The partner reseller ecosystem manager will be asked to “own the establishment and growth of Google’s Cloud Platform reseller partner ecosystem.”

You will build a base of technology and service partners who embrace our technologies, and can deliver demonstrable value to end-customers through creation of solutions based upon Google Cloud Platform. You will align these partners to Google’s global regions and business areas of focus, and you will analyze and assess that partner business alignment.

The partner business manager, meanwhile, will “love your partner-facing role, jumping at the chance to engage with partners and their customers, providing them seamless support and driving their preference for Google.” So if you want to be a “leader in B2B technology marketing,” “own the establishment and growth” of a cloud partner ecosystem or merely “love your partner-facing role,” the Googleplex may be looking for you.