Main image of article AirCassette Lets You Rock On--'80s Style
Cassette tapes are back, with an iPhone twist. While Gen X may reminisce about those old mixtapes, the new AirCassette app allows you to dredge up Blue Oyster Cult, Journey, and other throwbacks to recreate your very own party app--just like you used to listen to in your best girl's basement. But instead of scanning those old-style album covers, AirCassette lets you recreate the cassette tape experience on your iPhone or iPod: Thumb through cassette tapes, with hand-written labels of song titles and artists, and complete with spinning reels when a song plays. You can grab a music playlist from iTunes, or create your own mix tape. Plus, you can stream your music library to your home stereo, and pick up that air guitar to play to Free Bird and party like it's 1999. And you don't have to keep it all to yourself: AirCassette lets you share via Facebook. Maybe you can start a band.