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Salesforce is bigger than you realize. In fact, it's even bigger than Igor Pesenson realized when he first started working there more than four years ago as a quality assurance engineer. Originally, Pesenson interned at the company and thought he knew the product. But when he was hired full time, he was shocked at the size of Salesforce’s complete offering. It took him months to understand the application’s various components and how his particular team’s work fit into the greater application. Now understanding the app’s complexity, Pesenson gives new hires plenty of time to learn and ramp up. Now a manager, Pesenson loves that the company supports innovation and that his coworkers are smart and motivated. At the Tech Career Expo in San Francisco, I asked him what type of jobs are available at Salesforce. His answer: Pretty much any role you can think of in a marketing or sales. Also, like most tech companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Salesforce is looking for quality engineers and developers who have worked with the latest technology. If you don’t have that specific experience, don’t worry. Salesforce will still give you a chance, Pesenson says. They’re simply looking for people who are smart and capable. Can you show those skills?