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Video: While known more for its blue flash cards for cameras and other consumer devices, SanDisk is a leading supplier of the NAND flash memory used in smartphones, tablets, solid-state drives and even laptops. SanDisk has been growing along with the market, which increased 38.6 percent last year, according to Gartner. Through a partnership with Toshiba, the company recently completed a factory in Japan that's producing flash memory chips at the 24 nanometer scale. The facility will begin producing flash memory chips at the 19 nm scale, which would be the smallest flash memory chips available, according to Toshiba. SanDisk’s headquarters is in Silicon Valley (Milpitas). The company especially needs engineers who can work with Flash memory -- but so are a lot of other companies. Tom Brouchoud, the company's Manager of Global Staffing, talked with me about the dynamics of the tech job market and how he locates the people he needs.