Main image of article Silicon Valley Pulse: Tech Firms Insist They’ve Learned from the Bubble
Another Tech Bubble? Not Yet… Many signs of a Silicon Valley bubble have reappeared: soaring real estate prices, billion dollar IPOs, competition for top tech talent, sports cars and overpriced vinegar. Local companies say they learned their lessons from the bubble and bust a decade ago, but some observers aren't convinced. CNNMoney U.S.-South Korea Trade Pact Should Benefit the Valley: A proposed trade agreement with South Korea would help open South Korean markets to more Silicon Valley technology companies. Since 2008, South Korea has represented about 9 percent of foreign trade for companies in San Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. San Jose Mercury News Area Office Construction Resumes: After nearly four years without building any large-scale office complexes, area developers have plans for a host of new facilities, some of them speculative construction. While 2009's vacancy rate for office and research spaces were at 15.9 percent in Mountain View, today they're more around 8.3 percent. San Jose Mercury News Facebook Moves Slowly Toward China: In order for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to realize his vision of “connecting the world,” he must get into China's market. To do that, he'll have to be prepared to deal with government oversight, censorship and a possible public relations backlash in the U.S. San Jose Mercury News Startups Give Consumers More Control Over Their Healthcare: A growing number of Silicon Valley startups are using mobile and social technology to help consumers govern their healthcare. They're creating applications that allow patients to instantly book medical appointments and exert greater control over medical records. San Jose Mercury News Tandem Entrepreneurs Opens New Incubator: Tandem plans to select eight startups in the mobile space and spend three months helping them grow. In exchange for the standard convertible note and 10 percent of the common stock, the companies will receive $200,000 and six months in a new incubator space. All Things Digital Jawbone Valued at $1.5 Billion: Jawbone, a producer of wireless headsets and wireless speakers, has raised more than $70 million,  putting its value at $1.5 billion. Given the commodity nature of its products and strong competition in the sector, the speed at which it's increased its valuation is being called "stunning." Wall Street Journal