Skype to Facebook video call Skype has updated the beta version of its desktop clients for both Windows and Mac to enable video calls to Facebook. With Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac and Skype 5.7 Beta for indows, video calls can be initiated from its client to any Facebook friends who've installed the social network's video call browser plug-in. The recipient can answer just as they would for Facebook-to-Facebook calls. Skype, which has been part of Microsoft since October, had in July partnered with Facebook to add the video calls. However, Skype's role wasn't immediately felt as it was merely powering the feature backstage. Users aren't required to have Skype's client installed, or even a Skype account for that matter, to make video calls on Facebook. With the enabling of Facebook calls from within Skype's client, the integration between the companies has become more apparent. Microsoft has always been on good terms with Facebook. In May the Redmond-based company integrated Facebook's social graph into its search engine, Bing, as an answer to Google's +1. Meanwhile, Facebook adopted Bing to power its search engine and maps.