Main image of article Sony Playstation Vita Gets Skype
Sony is hoping its Playstation Vita can regain ground lost to mobile phones, which have eaten away at video gaming, by becoming more like a phone. Microsoft's Skype is now available for download on the PS Vita, allowing users to participate on video chat while playing games. Skype is also available on the Windows phone. Yet while the Windows Phone version cannot be used while other applications run, the processing power of the PS Vita enables it to run both games and Skype, which can come in handy for mid-game calls. The PS Vita features both front and rear-facing cameras, which Sony says allows users to switch back and forth between the two during a Skype call, which sounds a bit odd, but why not? The PS Vita also features a built-in microphone, of course. Perhaps it’s a way for gamers to communicate with fellow adversaries while playing the same game, or to just make calls while destroying virtual villains, or both. For twelve-time world game champion Fatal1ty, it’s a way to multi-task, according to the official release.   "When I heard Skype was going to be featured on PS Vita, my first thought was this was going to be the device that sets the bar for all new gaming consoles—connecting with family and friends while playing your favorite game," he said. [vimeo w=560&h=315]