Every year, Netflix hosts an internal “hack day” for its developers, during which the latter come up with some crazy stuff using the company’s software tools and infrastructure. These projects, which will never see wide release, are an interesting (and often funny) showcase of Netflix’s collective engineering skills. This year’s special projects included BEEP, which, well, beeps (loudly) every time the user looks away from the screen; in the “Actually Something That Someone Might Use” category, another team built an animated 3D globe showing Netflix’s global streaming activity in real time. Check out the latest jobs that involve streaming video. For those with a love of old-school hardware, a Netflix team also built darNES, which streams Netflix content on an unmodified 8-bit Nintendo game console. If you ever wanted to see House of Cards rendered in blocky graphics that were cutting-edge when Reagan was President, now’s your chance—if Netflix ever reveals how they pulled the hack off. In the meantime, the world will just have to make do with absurdly high-definition streaming.

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Image: Netflix