Main image of article Survey: What Perks Do You Want in a Job Offer?

Picture this: Your recent round of job interviews went well, and your recruiter tells you an offer should arrive in a few days. You have a good idea what the pay will be – but what else are you looking for?

Your salary is, and always will be, a top driver for satisfaction at your job. No amount of benefits can make up for a pay range that barely covers the bills.

However, our Dice Salary Survey shows tech pro income is plateauing. The average tech pro salary has remained pretty stagnant over the past few years, checking in at just under six figures. While this is nowhere near the poverty line (well, it might be, if you live in the Bay Area), the age of companies throwing increasing amounts of money at developers is over.

But tech roles are still difficult to fill. Onboarding is expensive, and our data shows employee satisfaction and retention may come from perks rather than pay.

‘Perks’ and ‘benefits’ are catch-all terms, though. They mean unique things to each person, yet companies seem to dig into the same pool of perks to design their own packages.

This week, our poll is pretty simple: which perks would make you want to take a job? Assuming your pay would be industry standard for the area you’re in (and the job you’re being offered), which deal sweeteners perk your interest?

Maybe stock options are something you’re looking for; the chance to own a piece of any tech company is typically something that appeals to people. Many shares are acquired when the time is right, and your stock options may turn into a lot of cash later on.

Health benefits are also important for many, as is the opportunity to work from home. Or maybe you want the offshoot perks such as a gym membership or a parking pass for the local garage.

Whatever you prefer, let us know via our anonymous poll below! We’ll be publishing our findings in a future article.