Main image of article Survey: If You Worked at Google Right Now, Would You Quit?
Google, once the darling of the tech world, is now under fire form several angles. Like Facebook before it – and Uber before Facebook – it seems as though the onion is being peeled away to expose a host of issues. Internally, many employees are currently unhappy with the company's interest in China. Specifically, they’re reluctant to accept the company’s intent on building and maintaining a state-sponsored censorship search engine. China’s strict laws on quelling dissidents has traditionally kept the search giant away, but as Apple has shown, the Chinese market is very lucrative. Employees were also unhappy when a Googler released his ‘manifesto’ claiming ‘conservative voices’ inside the company were being silenced. The essay, dubbed “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” was poorly received by most staffers internally, while many in leadership roles took the position that there was room for all voices within Google (which, according to the writer, was a lie). The company also used an unreported – and seemingly untapped – vulnerability in Google Plus as an excuse to execute its social efforts. The bug was discovered months ago, and doesn’t seem to have actually put user data at risk of leakage or exploitation; nonetheless, it gave a politically convenient excuse to finally burn Plus down. [caption id="attachment_144290" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Google Bikes If you work at Google, you can ride one of these jenky bikes![/caption]   In the wake of Google’s announcement it was shutting Plus down, one designer published a memoir about his time with the company. As he tells it, Google is packed solid with backstabbing managers and political infighting at every turn. Google also seems keen on hiring fresh-faced graduates with no experience, seemingly ignoring a giant pool of experienced tech pros. And that’s not all. There’s Gmail spying, a highly suspect self-driving car program, an unethical chatbot program, a now-unreleased Chrome feature that kept you logged in, and a seemingly endless parade of other issues arising lately. Google has never claimed to be perfect, but it feels like a lot of things are going wrong at the moment. Yet it remains one of the more sought-after places to work, at least currently. Even with data showing you’ll be there less than two years, on average, many still want to sign up to be Googlers. This week’s survey aims to find out what you think. If you worked at Google right now, would you quit? Even if you liked your job, would the latest company revelations make you want to leave? Or do you just not really care? Either way, we want to know! Our survey is totally anonymous, so feel free to let your truest intent show. We’ll publish the results in a later article, so stay tuned.