SUSE claims its new SUSE Cloud is the “first commercially supported private cloud solution.” SUSE Cloud is based on the OpenStack project, which is essentially the cloud-computing world’s version of Linux. The platform facilitates the deployment and management of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud. Features include integration with SUSE Studio and SUSE Manager, for the building and management of cloud-based applications, as well as tools for automating service delivery and tracking computing-resources use. SUSE Cloud components support OpenStack Essex, the fifth version of OpenStack. “Open source technologies such as KVM, Xen and Linux have already found great success in the cloud, and OpenStack stands to be another piece of the puzzle,” Gary Chen, research manager of Cloud and Virtualization System Software for IDC, wrote in an Aug. 29 statement. “The latest release from OpenStack is a solution enterprise organizations are actively evaluating. SUSE is well timed to help enterprise organizations build private clouds.” But SUSE isn’t the only company working to promote an OpenStack-powered private cloud. Rackspace is offering its own suite of software designed to simplify the setup of a private cloud environment; the initial configuration includes Ubuntu 12.04 LTS host operating system and a KVM hypervisor. The Rackspace offering supports OpenStack Essex. Hewlett-Packard is also relying on OpenStack for flexible cloud-based services. Its Converged Cloud unites hardened OpenStack technology along with HP Converged Infrastructure, HP Converged Management and Security, and Converged Information. For its part, HP claims this setup will enable the creation of hybrid environments of public, private and managed-cloud services. Rackspace and NASA originally founded OpenStack. At least in theory, the technology’s open nature allows IT providers such as HP and SUSE to offer products that facilitate the interaction between private and public clouds—vital in the ever-more-complex world of cloud computing.   Image: Jirsak/