Ever take a complete inventory of all the jobs you do on your tablet? I did. And the results are surprising . We recently purchased a new Asus Transformer Prime a couple months ago and it's in nearly constant use at my house. It's a great tablet. Crisp screen, plenty of apps, and definitely very fast. The big use for me, as a freelancer, ranged from the Chrome Beta browser, TuneIn Radio, the default Android Camera app, and the Gallery. I occasionally use various network sniffing programs and the cloud-based SpringPad info organizer. But, without question, I use a Web browser the bulk of the time. My kids, on the other hand, are a completely different story. WOW! They're on Facebook and YouTube using either Firefox, Chrome Beta, or a standard Android browser. Yup, that's pretty much it. And, yet, the tablet is very rarely sitting idle. My point is that we don't use very many apps - which is a little surprising. This got me wondering what other people do on their tablet. As my mind wandered, I envisioned some readers might be Web gurus, able to design a fully self-contained, income producing site in a matter of hours. I also thought some readers are likely mobile developers, capable of engineering incredibly imaginative apps for the likes of Droids, iPhones, and Transformers. Others, it would seem, are everyday people simply slaving away trying to build a business, find a job, or get through college with the help of their tablet. Anyways, this is all my own speculation. It occurred me that I can get the answers directly from you all. And so, with a humble hat in hand, I ask you to help me out in discovering the real deal and list the ways you use your tablet. I see tablets in the coffee shops. Tablets at conferences. I even saw some kid in swim trunks running down the beach, listening to music, on one. That, I probably wouldn't recommend. Simply put, how do you use your tablet? I really want to know and have listed a few questions to get your thoughts flowing:
  • Do you actually watch movies on your smart-phone or tablet
  • Do you use a tablet to prototype your work?
  • Do you have a tablet at work and at home?
  • Do you take your tablet to the beach or park?
  • What is the tablet used for in your off-hours?
  • Do you use more Web apps or mobile apps?
  • Do you use a smart-phone and a tablet?
  • What exotic apps do you use and for what?
  • How do you actually use your tablet in your business or at school?
  • Do your kids and wife have their own tablets and smart-phones?
  • How do you use your tablet in your job search?
Feel free to answer one or all of these questions in the comments below. You may surprise yourself with your answers. I did.