Rohm Terahertz Wireless ChipForget about slow wireless speeds. A group of researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan just announced they've reached a new wireless speed record. Using this small wireless radio chip, the researchers managed to transmit data on the terahertz range of spectrum. This new system (also known as T-ray) can transmit data wirelessly at the range of 300GHz to 3THz (terahertz). For now, Japanese researchers demoed a 3Gb/s transmission at 542GHz, which is 20 times faster than what current Wi-Fi standards can support. But that's not all because, in theory, researchers said that speeds of up to 100Gbps could be achieved. If you do a little math, you end up astonished by these new achievements. A wireless data transmission at 100Gbps it's up to 600 times faster than what current Wi-Fi standards support right now. If anyone remembers, I was talking a few weeks ago about laser pointers that powered a 1Gbps wireless network. Now, those laser pointers look so old compared to this new T-ray system. Related items