Main image of article The Mac Keeps Taking Small Steps Into Corporate IT
The big news from Apple's most recent quarterly results is this:
Mac sales in the enterprise during Apple's last fiscal quarter grew a whopping 66 percent, significantly outpacing the rest of the PC market, which grew just 4.5 percent in the enterprise.
That's an amazing number, and it seems to prove that all of Apple's irresistible gadgetry is having a halo effect in the workplace, whether IT likes it or not. Of course, the raw numbers aren't quite as compelling, since 66 percent growth of a small number is still a small number. Mac sales are estimated to be just 3 percent of total PC business sales. On the other hand, that's the highest total Apple has seen since the second quarter of 1997. Business size factors in as well.
Broken down my market segment, Mac shipments grew 94.7 percent in the "very large business" category, 75.5 percent with "large businesses," 58.1 percent with "medium businesses," and 90.4 percent with "small businesses." All of those totals well exceeded growth in the overall PC market."
And then there's this:
Apple also saw a whopping 155.6 percent growth in Mac sales to governments, compared with just 2.3 percent for PCs
So there are 3.76 million brand new Macs floating around out there, each one encouraging buy in to Apple's overall ecosystem. What will IT do about it? If nothing else, it had better make sure it has a couple of Apple geniuses aboard as this trend inevitably continues. Source: Apple Insider