Main image of article The Old-Fashioned Trick to Networking
When people refer to their “network,” they often mean the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts they have on Twitter, Facebook, and other social-networking platforms. But when searching for a job, all those virtual followers don’t mean nearly as much as the (comparatively) few people whom you’ve actually met in the flesh. A hundred people on Facebook might see you post about your job search; but your former colleagues and current friends, answering your phone call, are far likelier to actually help you. During the job hunt, never rely wholly on your online network; your real-world relationships are far more important. In other words, maintain those real-life networks, even if it requires a significant time investment. Phone and email contacts on a regular basis; take them out for coffee; make a point of staying in touch. Keeping those relationships healthy will pay off far more than clicking ‘Accept’ on yet another online invite to link up.

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