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From 2010 through 2011, for 14 months, journalist and social media celebrity Julia Allison didn't have a home. During that time she bounced from city to city traveling with just her suitcase, laptop, and iPhone. What tools would you use if you were a "digital nomad?" Do you even want to be one? Let us know in the comment section below.   Allison became a famous digital nomad by working her social network as much as possible to couch surf at friends’ places and friends’ of friends’ places. She admits that she spent little to no money on housing and instead spent most of her money on airfare to afford her digital nomadic lifestyle. The details of which are supposed to be played out on the site Zen Digital Nomad, but the site is currently devoid of content. I asked Allison what technologies she relied on to be able to pull off her high-tech homelessness. Here’s a list of her favorite tools:
  • Yelp: Anywhere you go you can be a native of that city.
  • Kayak: Booked all her flights.
  • Padmapper: Used it to find longer term places to stay. The site takes Craigslist listings and integrates them onto a map so you can isolate locations by just a few blocks.
  • Facebook City Search: She would search friends in specific cities and work their networks to find places to stay.
Allison wasn't concerned about her safety. She claims she’s a combination of an "adventurist" and idiot who maybe should be more scared, but simply isn’t. It’s been in her nature to take risks with herself and her career.