We've all moved past the idea that Twitter is only useful as a tool of personal expression. How interesting, though, that it's quickly evolving into a really cool real-time search engine and up-to-the-second news stream on any topic that interests you.

So forget about Twitter as a place to report that you had a good tuna sandwich for lunch, and start thinking of it as a fire hose of information on the topics you care about most - like IT. 

Author Jason Hiner at TechRepublic recently listed his top 100 IT-related Twitter feeds. While it would be burdensome to take the time to "follow" each one individually, he found help via an add-on called TweepML that lets you add lots of Twitter links with a single click. What a good idea. Get the list here. You can even edit the list as you go, cutting out tweeters who don't really interest you.

The end result is an IT-centric Twitter stream that will keep you up to date on how all the deep IT thinkers on Twitter are reacting to the latest tech developments.

This idea should be expanded to every aspect of life, from tennis to organic gardening. Twitter can be a pain to fine-tune to the point of true usefulness. Lists of links that you can add easily is definitely the way to go.

-- Don Willmott