Main image of article U.S. Military Installing Solar Panels at 160,000 Locations
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)  made a conditional commitment to guarantee a $344 million loan for a project that make the U.S. Military the world’s biggest rooftop solar panel customer. The SolarStrong Project will see solar electric panels installed at 160,000 locations on up to 124 U.S. Military bases across as many as 33 states. The installations will be carried out by SolarCity, which will also own and operate the panels and will be installed over a five-year period. If all goes according to plan, and budget, the project will provide 371 megawatts of electrical capacity. The project, which will see panels will be installed on homes, warehouses and offices located on military bases, has the potential to double the number of residential solar installations in the U.S. Source: CNET.